“Erin completely changed the way I used food in my life – and all for the better. Erin fixed my long-term digestion issues and shaped the way I use food for fuel – and not for short term satisfaction (see: crash!). With a heavy dose of kindness and professionalism, Erin knew the answer to every question I had surrounding food and my life. I can’t endorse Erin enough and suggest her practice for anyone looking to live a life of health and wellness.” – M.A, New York

“My eating habits have changed dramatically resulting in weight loss that I have not been able to achieve previously” – ML, 54, New York

“As a result of my work with Erin I am eating better and healthier.   I have lost over 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks by applying her nutritional guidance.” – S.D, New York

“Since working with Erin I’ve started to eat better, I have more energy and my skin has cleared up. Erin helped me to target the source of my issues and change them slowly rather than just offering me generic advice like many other programs do.” Michael D. 27, Los Angeles, CA

“Erin is my health coach for life. With a full-time career and 2 young kids, I had stopped thinking about myself, especially what I was consuming. Not only had my eating habits taken a turn but my quality of sleep had as well.
Erin listens and teaches.  I gave her details about the foods that I ate every single day and she offered me advice as to how I could continue making quick and easy meals but substitute much of what I was eating for a healthier option. She offered me EASY recipes, helped me figure out how to consume more water and enjoy it (I don’t enjoy drinking water), and even guided me through my kid’s food allergies and my daughter’s picky eating habits.
Through Erin’s coaching, I found out that food I did not think was especially healthy did, in fact, have many nutritional benefits and I found out about new brands of food that were tasty and healthy. She catered every session and email to me and MY needs, encouraged me and worked with me to figure out easy changes to implement daily.
I have been feeling better in general and my sleeping issues continue to get better and better.
Erin is generous with her patience, support, knowledge and advice and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel GOOD. “- Tami, 34, Brooklyn, NY


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