Corporate Wellness Workshops

Popular Workshops

Stress Less

  • Discuss the role stress plays in declining health and weight gain.
  • Uncover surprising ways you are adding to your bodies stress response -even if you don’t realize it
  • Learn practical steps and tips to dial down the stress response so you can reach your health goals and improve work performance

Mindful Eating

In this one hour workshop, we will focus on being mindful with the taste of food, and our own hunger. You will walk away with strategies to continue to eat mindfully so you can enjoy all foods without guilt or over-eating.

Good Health Starts with the Gut

In this interactive and fun workshop participants will:

  • Make a fermented food!
  • Discuss the importance of the microbiome
  • Uncover surprising everyday foods and lifestyle choices that might be damaging the microbiome
  • Learn how to repair the gut


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