The Real Reasons You Overeat

“I just love food too much!” 

“I can’t get my mind and my mouth on the same page”

 “I just need help with my portion sizes”

I hear these phrases all the time with my VIP clients. They think they are overeating because they love food too much. Or they don’t really know how much to eat. 

But, this isn’t the whole story. 

Want to know the 5 surprising reasons you’re overeating (and it’s not just because you love food)?  Read on….

  • You’re not fueling your body with nutrients it needs. In a recent Coaching Call, my Client (lets call her Mary), said to me “Wow, my portions have changed naturally. I am noticing that I am eating smaller portions and I am still satisfied”.  The surprising thing is that we barely talked about portion sizes. And she wasn’t weighing her food to stay within a certain portion size. She learned that when she fueled her body with the nutrients it needed to function her body stopped asking her for more and more food.

  • You’re not honoring your body’s fullness cues. Our body has a biological hormonal response to the food we eat. When fullness hormones are triggered, the body sends a signal to the brain telling us we have had enough and we can stop eating.  Ever see a baby swat a bottle away when they are done eating, even when there is milk left?  This is a great example of the baby knowing how to read its fullness signals and stop eating. Do you see Tigers in the wilderness with a scale? No. Tigers (or any animal) knows how much it needs to eat, then stops eating.  When we can learn to read and honor our body’s signals, we can naturally stop eating when we have had enough food. 

  • You’re using food to fill a void of something else, otherwise known as emotional eating. With all that is going on in the world today, its possible you feel out of balance and craving something on a deeper level: Joy, connection, boredom, purpose, etc.  In the early days of Covid, I found myself really reaching for the treats because it was about the only joy that I could find at that time. When you can start to understand why you are using food to fill a void, you can give it what it really needs, as opposed to what you think it needs.

  • You wait too long to eat between meals.  The curse of the timed eating craze is that people try so hard to implement this tactic, only to become absolutely starving and wanting to eat everything in sight.  Your body has a biological hormonal response to feeling hunger – it secretes hormones to tell us that it is time to eat, when it needs more food. When we ignore these signals and wait too long between meals, we end up over-eating because we are ravenous.  A healthy salad which might have looked great at 12PM now looks like it could never possibly fill you by the time it is 2PM. So you order a burger, fries and mozzarella sticks instead. 

  • You have beliefs around food that is causing you to overeat.  So many of our food choices are related back to our minds. Some of the most common beliefs I see people have around food is:  “I can’t waste this, there are starving children in Africa”, “I’m never going to see this food again so I should eat as much of it as possible right now”, and “I paid for this, I can’t let it go to waste, so I will eat it all”.   Can you relate to any of these? This is the most surprising reason of all, because like I said, it has nothing to do with the food and everything to do with our beliefs around food.   

So, here you have it the REAL reasons you are overeating!  Which do you relate to? 

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