5 Healthy Hacks for Biz Travel

“Go after your health with the same ferocity that you would your career, because you can’t have one without the other.” – Maria Menounos

‘Tis the season of business conferences! (or maybe for some of you it feels like that is every season!)  Business Travel should not be an excuse to put your health on hold. You have a lot more control than you think you do.

So, if you are finding yourself up in the air more often than on the ground,  read on for some quality tips for you to stay on track with your health goals.

Prepare for Take-Off

My #1 rule of travel is to bring your own meal on the plane. Yes, even if you are flying that fancy business class with the “good” food. And yes, even if your favorite airline has “healthy options” on their menu.  Lord knows what is in that food that allows them to keep it fresh for long periods of time. And I am going to guess your body is not going to like it.

On your way to the airport take an extra 20 minutes to drop by your favorite salad place and get a nice hearty salad. You will feel like a true #boss when you realize you don’t have to stop at Auntie Anns or wait on that long line of suckers for McDonalds chicken nuggets because you are prepared.  Not to mention, you will actually FEEL amazing when you land (and not puffy and gross!).

Want to tackle that meeting you’ve been preparing so hard for?  Eat well first.

Pack Healthy Snacks

The worst part of travel is landing in an unknown place and not knowing where to eat or when you will eat your next meal.  At least, this is my worst fear. My hangry-ness gets the best of me, so I always need to make sure I have a back-up plan.  

When I am unable to plan too far ahead, it’s nice to know that I have brought a bag of nuts, protein bars or baby carrots with me, instead of devouring the $15 Snickers in the mini-bar out of desperation.

Research Places to Eat Beforehand 

You researched who you were meeting with before you got there, and you prepped and planned your presentation (didn’t you?).

Treat your health the same way you would approach an important business meeting.  A quick google search in the area of your hotel using keywords like “healthy restaurant”, “smoothie bar”, “juice bar”, will for sure land you some solid options for places to eat.

What is the True Cost of a Free Breakfast?

I love free food as much as the next person, but not at the expense of my health and the rest of my day.  

A sign of a nutrient-poor, sleep inducing breakfast?  It comes in all shades of brown…. a steaming beige slop of something that looks like oatmeal, a slew of weird dark brown breakfast meats made from who-knows-what, brown hash browns dripping with oil, and “Light ‘N’ Fit Yogurt” … you know, for healthy people.  

First, I always make sure to ask the staff if they can make me a veggie omelette. Sometimes they say no, sometimes they roll their eyes but still say yes, and sometimes they are more than happy to. But ya gotta ask!

If that’s not an option the best approach to take (besides finding a different place to eat) is to eat the hardboiled or scrambled eggs and some fruit.  You really don’t want to start your day with that Special K Cereal or 5 breakfast sausages. This will not make you feel sharp during your 11AM sales pitch.

Steak.Dinners.Every.Night. (WAH!)  

OY. I admit, sometimes it’s not always easy to navigate these dinners when everyone’s ordering the 12 oz steak (again) and the bottles of wine are flowing.

A good order is fish & a side of vegetables. Skip the bread basket unless the bread is truly mind-blowing, and drink plenty of water so you’re not gulping down 5 glasses of wine in a 2 hour dinner.  

And hey, feel free to not drink. If you draw attention to it, no one will notice anyway.

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