The #1 question to ask yourself when selecting a diet

When I worked in the corporate world, the #1 water-cooler conversation was which diet was the best diet. Someone always raved about their juice cleanse, or going vegan, while another person swore that their cousin was able to lose 15 lbs in a week by doing keto.

The truth is, all diets “work” to some degree, depending on what your goal is. And we can all argue with plenty of research about which diet is the ‘best diet’.

So, the real question shouldn’t be: which diet is best?

The question should be, “which diet is allowing my body to function at its peak and is it sustainable?”

  • You can absolutely lose weight on a low-fat diet, but your risking brain function from lack of healthy fats.
  • You can absolutely lose weight on a juice cleanse, but is that going to allow you to maintain mental sharpness throughout the day?  And will you really be able to do that for more than a day? (If that!)
  • You can absolutely lose weight by counting calories, but the calories in a cliff bar act very differently in your body than the calories in a veggie stir fry.

The funny thing is, once you start eating for function, instead of weight, you don’t have to diet anymore. Because your body actually knows what to do with the food.

So here is a suggestion if you are confused about food:

  • Focus on plant foods
  • Add in whole, unprocessed, nutrient-dense food (plant/animal protein, healthy fats, whole grains)
  • Try to keep it as organic as possible
  • Limit sugar, sweeteners (yes artificial as well!) and white flours

Seems a lot easier to understand when you break it down like that, huh.

Or, as Michael Pollan says, “eat real food, not too much mostly plants”.

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