Take a whiff of your cooking oil

If you are home right now, go to your pantry and pull out your cooking oil.  Close your eyes and take a whiff.

It should smell like a beautiful bouquet of olives or a tropical coconut.

It should not smell like chemicals.

We put way too much trust in the food industry to give us high quality products.  It’s important to be your own detective and question what is on the shelves: How are products made? What is in them?

For example, a lot of the vegetable cooking oils you see in the store can be very bad for your health. This includes the Wesson and Crisco you have in your pantry right now!

Most refined vegetable oils are chemically extracted by using a solvent called hexane, which is a byproduct of gasoline refining.  After the oil is extracted, its bleached, deodorized, and steam-cleaned – with more chemicals – before its bottled. (That’s why it smells chemically!)

The over-processing of these oils can cause inflammation in your body – which can cause weight gain, achy joints, acne, heart-disease, cancer… and pretty much every disease since most diseases start with a prolonged inflammatory response in the body.

Prolonged inflammatory response: meaning if every meal you eat is made with these kinds of oils, your body will be in a constant state of inflammation.

No wonder we all feel like shit all the time.

Instead of your refined vegetable oil, purchase ‘cold-pressed’ oils, like olive oil and coconut oil. A simple test is to just take a whiff of the oil.  It should smell like olives or coconuts!

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