6 powerful strategies to enjoy the holidays without gaining 5 pounds or relying on crazy willpower (which doesn’t work anyway!)

The holidays are almost here. This can be a stressful time for a lot of people. I mean, there is food everywhere.

I understand, I am Italian.  And Italians like to eat…especially during the holidays.

If you’re already feeling a little stressed that the Holiday Season will be a little tough on your waistline, I want to share my 6 powerful strategies to enjoying the holidays without gaining 5 pounds or relying on crazy willpower (which doesn’t work anyway!)

1. Ask yourself “how do I want to feel?”  

Maybe its connected, calm, or satisfied and not stuffed. Asking yourself this question allows you to check in with your inner guide. This question will empower you to allow the real, powerful you to make decisions. So, create the habit of asking yourself this question: in the morning before you head to your grandmothers, before you choose which foods you will eat, before you select a dessert.

2. Create action steps in your mind around how you want to feel. And if helps, write them down too. If the answer is “connected”, then mindfully decide what will you do to allow you to feel more connected. Maybe its making sure you get to spend some QT with your 2 year old nephew, or have a heart-warming conversation with your grandmother. If you want to feel satisfied (and not stuffed!) after eating, decide now that the action step you will choose is to pay close attention to your fullness cues throughout the day.

3. Get moving. Starting your day with a healthy state of mind can set a positive tone the rest of the day. So, go for a long walk with your mom or your dog, wake up and head to that 8AM Soulcycle class with your brother, or walk/run your local Turkey Trot with your BFF from high school.

4. Don’t “save” your calories. Saving your calories means you are going to show up to Aunt Rhonda’s house completely starving, ready to shove anything in your mouth that looks remotely like food.

Instead, consciously decide to start the day with a very healthy breakfast. I usually like to start my holiday days with my Autumn Green Smoothie, which contains a ton of greens and enough healthy fat to be satisfied and not starving when I head to my Aunts!

5. Be discerning, not disciplined. This simple mindset shift can make a big difference in how you eat this season. Being disciplined places a restriction on what you can eat, but being discerning allows you to have what you love and leave what you don’t. My grandma makes THE BEST STUFFING on the planet and there is no way in hell I would ever pass that up. But, there are always items on the table that I don’t particularly like, so I will leave those behind.

6. You can always begin again. One day out of the year won’t make a difference in your waistline. It’s what you do consistently the other 364 days of the year that matter. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you ate more than you are comfortable with, make sure to have a plan to immediately get back on track on Friday morning. That means, heading to your grocery store NOW to load your fridge with greens to make a leftover thanksgiving salad (lettuce, turkey, tomatoes, olive oil and lemon juice can be an amazing meal!)  …..(Did you leave yet?)

As always, you got this!

Happy Holidays,

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