WTF is Inflammation?

Between the ages of 18-27, I lived with splitting headaches, terrible stomach aches, acne, brain fog, and anxiety.
Sounds like a pretty terrible way to live, but to be honest i didn’t think too much about it. It had been my reality for so long, that the thought that I could NOT feel that way never crossed my mind.
I thought that it was normal to get a splitting headache after eating a brownie.
I thought I was doing the right thing by using prescription cream (after cream, after cream) for my acne. And when none of those creams worked, I thought I had to live with acne the rest of my adult life.
I lived with Pepto Bismol by my bedside for years. Thought that was normal too.
On the flip side, I excelled in my career, I had a great social life, and I exercised often. You would never know that anything was wrong, because heck I didn’t know anything was wrong!
What I didn’t realize at the time, was that these were all messages from my body. These were all symptoms of inflammation.
WTF is inflammation?
Inflammation happens when the body tries to heal itself. For example, after an injury like twisting your ankle, your ankle swells up as a response to healing. You know what that looks like.
The same thing happens when you eat food that the body perceives as a foreign invader. Foods like sugar, alcohol, and processed foods to name a few.
Inflammation is a crucial response for our body to heal.
Except, the body is not designed to live in a constant state of inflammation. So everything you eat that causes this disruption, can maintain a low level amount of inflammation all the time. And over time, this low level of inflammation can eventually turn into disease: Diabetes, Asthma, MS, Alzheimers, Cancer, auto-immune disorders.
Today, chronic low grade inflammation is an epidemic that costs our healthcare system (and you!) a tremendous amount of money. 70% of chronic diseases are preventable.
Some signs of inflammation are: swollen joints, achy muscles, congestion, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, GERD, depression, lethargy, ongoing fatigue, skin rashes, itchiness, bloating, poor memory, irritability, and brain fog.
We normally pop a pill to mitigate the symptoms. But the pill just treats the symptom. It doesn’t take into consideration what is causing the inflammation in the first place.
This part is so important.
Everything in the body is interconnected. If your symptoms are showing up on your face or in your digestive tract, who knows what else is happening inside your body that you cannot see. You must look for the root cause of each symptom for relief. It can save your life.
So, when you have a headache, take a step back and ask: What am I doing that is causing this? Is there something else I can do to make this go away? (not just Advil!)
Quick question and be honest: how many pills have you taken in the past month alone to treat a headache, upset stomach, joint pain, congestion, or mood swings?
You see the body’s natural state SHOULD be one of wellness. You do not need to live with these symptoms. These symptoms are simply a way of your body saying “hey, somethings wrong here”.
So yes, the headaches, the upset stomach, the acne…. Now I perceive them as gifts. Because my body communicates with me that something is wrong.
Now I know to pay attention.

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