5 tips to navigating your healthy life with a partner who eats differently

How do you navigate your healthy life if you also have a partner who might not be quite as onboard as you?  I have received this question a few times, so wanted to share my tips!
The main thing to remember is that everyone is on their own journey and you can’t force your partner to do anything. However, leading by example can make a huge impact, even if the change in perspective doesn’t happen overnight. So be patient.
Read on for a few of my tips.
  1. Show your partner that healthy does not have to mean gross. Real healthy food is delicious! I can’t remember the last time I ate a rice-cake or ate ‘diet food’. A very simple dish of fish or steak, asparagus and sweet potatoes IS an appropriate healthy meal. So, show your partner that healthy can also be tasty by eating real food, using a variety of spices, and trying flavorful ingredients.
  2. Leave out the details. The moment you tell your partner, “I made this vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free dinner”, your partner might assume that the dinner tastes like cardboard. But if you said, “I made this awesome chili, it tastes so good and I’m excited for you to try it” , now you can get them onboard. Don’t point out what is lacking, play up what it is. Delicious home-made veggie chili.
  3. Keep your options open and spruce up where you can. If you split the cooking with your partner and you come home to mac and cheese again, see what you can add to the mac and cheese to make it more aligned with your goals. Try throwing in a huge handful of broccoli or a cut up zucchini. If the meal is only a burger, try adding the burger to a big-ass salad to ensure your getting your veggies in. There is always a way to jazz up food to your liking, so keep veggies in the fridge to add to any meal.
  4. Understand you will each have your own food journeys, so stand up for your needs and ask for their support. Be upfront about wanting to eat healthier and ask your partner for their support. Whether that’s encouraging them to pick up a healthier snack at the grocery store or encouraging each other to cook at home instead of ordering in, let them know you need their help to achieve your goals.
  5. Encourage and Compliment. Once your partner sees the positive effects of healthy cooking, guaranteed they will want to start making their own healthy food as well.  So, if you notice your partner made an attempt at a healthy meal, encourage them to keep going and let them know how much you loved their creation!

Once you both start eating a certain way, you won’t want to go back, because it feels so good.

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