Would you eat this for breakfast?

For most of my life, I was NOT a breakfast eater. I would wake up, roll out of bed, grab some coffee and not eat until around lunch time. (If this sounds like you, keep reading!)

While this method might have worked for me in my teens (jury’s still out), it definitely did not work for me as I entered the workforce. My brain was not as sharp as I needed it to be and I had very little energy.

Now I recognize how important breakfast is to my productivity and I never skip it. And as I learn to listen to my body’s needs, I know that WHAT I eat is just as important as WHEN I eat when it comes to breakfast.

One of my favorite breakfasts is a Breakfast Salad.

Because when you pair a healthy fat + protein + greens/fiber you are SET UP for success for the rest of the day. You will have an insane amount of energy, your brain will feel clear and you will be focused.

Often times our breakfast go-tos are oatmeals, muffins, croissants or protein bars. But these foods can lead to brain fog, energy crash, and famished by lunchtime.

Eating breakfast salads are an awesome (and delicious!) way to start a busy day with insane amounts of energy. So break down those meal-time paradigms and try something new this week!

I rounded up 5 of my favorite Breakfast Salad Recipes from the web for you to try this week.  If you have relatively low energy, can’t quite focus, or just feel a little meh during the day.  This list is for you.

Make one this week and let me know: How did it taste? How did you feel after eating it? Comment below .

  1. Savory Breakfast Salad by the Minimalist Baker
  2. Mediterranean Breakfast Salad by Camille Styles
  3. Mexican Breakfast Salad by A Spicy Perspective
  4. Breakfast BLT Salad by Skinnytaste
  5. Breakfast Salad w/ Smoked Trout & Quinoa by Bon Appetit

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