5 Minute Breakfasts for When You’re Running Out the Door

“I just don’t have time for breakfast”. Sound familiar?

But, if you’re looking to be more productive and energized throughout the day, then a healthy breakfast is crucial to add to your daily habits.  

And not just anything will cut it. Your brain needs the right kind of breakfast which includes healthy fats.

Contrary to what we thought in the 90’s, studies now show that low-fat diets are actually detrimental to our health for many reasons.  One, in particular, is our brain function.

According to the Department of Neurology, Chi-Mei Medical Center, Tainan Taiwan, “The human brain is nearly 60% fat. We’ve learned in recent years that fatty acids are among the most crucial molecules that determine your brain’s integrity and ability to perform. Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are required for maintenance of optimal health but they can not be synthesized by the body and must be obtained from dietary sources.”

With just a few minutes of planning, you can have a quick and easy breakfast in less than 5 minutes so your brain can operate at the most optimal level.

Click here to get the guide: 5 Minute Breakfasts for When You’re Running Out the Door






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