6 Items you Need in your Pantry at All Times to Execute the Perfect and Easy Weeknight Meal

I don’t know about you, but during the week I only have about an hour and a half to cook, eat and wash the dishes.  Not to mention, by the end of a really busy day, the last thing I want to do is think about what to eat…. and this is coming from someone who loves to cook!  

But really, who wants to look up recipes when you’re exhausted from running around in meetings or chasing kids all day?

So, I’ve gotten really good at minimalist cooking.  Meaning, I use just the basics without compromising taste.   

Martha Stewart might not be proud, but honestly, who cares?  I’m a busy woman and I have given myself the permission to be free from judgement of what my food looks like. I just need it to do what I need it to do, which is taste good and nourish me.

To cut back on the “Pantry Noise” I have concluded that I really need only 6 staples in my pantry for when I have 20 minutes to make something and I don’t want to think about it.

This does not mean my pantry has nothing else in it because I love spending a Saturday to experiment in the kitchen.  But on busy nights, my creativity goes out the door and I can rely on these old faithfuls to brighten any meat, grain, or vegetable.  Here they are and how to use them

  • Coconut Oil – use coconut oil for baking or pan cooking on heat above 400D
  • Olive Oil – use olive oil to add a yummy flavor over grain bowls and salads
  • Salt – A Chef once said to me “The key to good cooking is just knowing how to salt properly” – and I can’t agree with this more.  Most whole foods already taste amazing and salt can really enhance the flavors.
  • Pepper – Adds depth and a slight heat to dishes
  • Lemon – Brightens any dish! (keep in fridge)
  • Garlic Powder- so much easier than chopping up your own, this savory yet sweet also brightens any dish

Throw the garlic, pepper, salt, and lemon on anything and I promise it will be delicious…or experiment with your own combination!



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